BioHackathon Europe 2022 – Project Co-Lead – Paris

Location:  Paris

Date: 7-11 November 2022

Project:  Training Booster: developing FAIR training materials and Learning Paths

Role: Co-Lead



This Training booster project has two components: 1) applying and assessing the ELIXIR-GOBLET lesson on how to develop FAIR training materials, and 2) implementing and evaluating a step-by-step protocol to create learning paths via a case study approach. The BH2022 participants will have the choice to hack on any of the two components or even both.

Component 1: A hands-on lesson on how to FAIRify training materials was designed and initially created in 2021 during ELIXIR hackathons, including the BH2021. Since then, the lesson is being developed and will be finalised by October 2022, in time to be presented at the GOBLET AGM 2022. The goal of this project’s component is to apply the lesson to actual training materials from ELIXIR Communities and training providers, assess its effectiveness and integrate into the lesson the feedback received from the GOBLET AGM 2022.

Component 2: The Learning Path step-by-step protocol also started as a project in the BH2021. The protocol is agnostic to the scientific field and is accompanied by guidelines to best support curriculum developers and trainers in designing efficient learning paths. The goal of the component is to apply the developed protocol to actual training materials from ELIXIR Communities, thus implementing it and assessing its effectiveness. The BH2022 participants will bring along their case studies (courses, materials, modules etc.) to build a ‘minimal viable product (MVP)’ version of their own case study’s learning path.

An example could be a learning path for data stewards training, locating tasks, responsibilities, and competencies required for the job. A second example could be for the emerging Systems Biology ELIXIR Community, where learning paths are to be built (separate BH proposal), or other ELIXIR Communities with the need to structure their training resources into learning paths.


Patricia Palagi (ELIXIR-CH) & Mijke Jetten (ELIXIR-NL)


Allegra Via (ELIXIR-IT), Loredana Le Pera (ELIXIR-IT), Celia van Gelder (ELIXIR-NL), Fieke Schoots (ELIXIR-NL), Alexia Cardona (ELIXIR-UK), Melissa Burke (Australian BioCommons), Jessica Lindvall (ELIXIR-SE)