BioHackathon Europe 2021 – Project Co-Lead

Date: 8 -12 November 2021

Location:  Virtual

Project: Defining a step-by-step protocol to create learning paths

Role:  Co-Lead



Our BH2021 project builds on the experience gained from the Biohackathon 2020 (project 29) and the follow-up ongoing work. The BH2020, project 29, consisted in the “Design of a modular learning path (curriculum) in Data Stewardship, Management and Analysis (DSMA) for the Life Sciences”. The project was well attended with 20 participants actively engaged throughout the biohackathon who acquired good knowledge and skills in implementing 'the five phases' of formal curriculum design (Via A. et al., 2020, doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1118395.1) into the development of learning paths specific for the DSMA domain. At the BH2021, we aim to define a step-by-step protocol to create learning paths. Although built on the work undertaken to create learning paths for the DSMA discipline, this protocol is meant to be agnostic of the scientific area. To ensure its efficient implementation in specific domains, the step-by-step procedure will be accompanied by a set of guidelines, best practices, and general advice to best support educators, curriculum developers, trainers, and training providers.



Loredana Le Pera


Allegra Via, Jessica Lindvall, Alexia Cardona, Mijke Jetten